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Paint Brushes

The Unseen Granddaughter 
By Zoe Katz


oil on canvas


Not for Sale


Artist Statement

Plein air painting in oil on linen is my favorite. I especially enjoy being out in big nature like the New River and Wind Rock. I studied at The Corcoran School of the Arts and Design and many summers at art camps, workshops and summer art colonies.  The past 10 years (except for the summer of pandemic) I have painted on Monhegan Island, Maine. During the pandemic while shut in, I painted more self-portraits often of things unseen.

About the Artist

Color and light are a big part of who I am.  I have an affinity for plants and studied and worked in botany.  I have a garden I grow from seeds, big and overgrown with lots of color and pollinators and birds.  I walk everyday with mountain views at the high meadow park on our street.  The mountains and my garden and the meadow are in my paintings. I have always been comfortable with the materials of art. 

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