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Wave of Emotions
by Tricia Foley


watercolor, paint brushes, bleed proof white, masking fluid, 140lb cold press paper




Artist Statement

This piece was inspired by the wave of emotions felt this past year.  The watercolor was created using both wet on wet and wet on dry techniques to achieve the beautiful reflections in the water.  As we reflect on 2020, we remember times of darkness (depicted as the dark shadows in the wave), but let us also reflect on the light (hope) that is highlighted in this piece.

tricia foley.jpg

About the Artist

Foley is the owner of ArtCiiCreations, a name artfully crafted from the same letters in her name, Tricia.  Drawn to local and costal inspiration, her work encompasses mostly nature, and places that offer sentimental value to herself and others. She enjoys connecting with others in the community through art.


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