By Tina Freudenberger


fiber arts



Quarantini Tula
By Tina Freudenberger


fiber arts

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Artist Statement

My quilt entitled “Quarantini Tula” is of my Newfoundland puppy. Tula was born during the Covid pandemic in what the breeder dubbed the “Quarantini Litter.” Although we had already made plans with the breeder to purchase a puppy before Covid, Tula could not have arrived at a better time. Newfoundlands are such loving dogs, and she along with our other animals provided a welcome distraction. Creating a quilted portrait of my girl kept my mind working and allowed me to forget about the pandemic at least for a while.

About the Artist

I live on a farm in Eggleston with my husband and 42 animals. I love to sew and in the past few years I have begun concentrating on art quilts. I love to do animal portrait quilts, and with our menagerie, I have many to choose from.

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