Artist Statement

Pam is a Virginia native and has enjoyed most of her life in the Southwest Virginia Mountains. She has been creating some kind of art all her life. After years as an educator at Virginia Tech and a Human Resources professional in the private sector, she is now pursuing what she loves. Pam is a Mixed Media artist in her company Pam Goff 5D Fine Art. She has always been drawn to tactile works—sculptures, multi-dimensional art pieces that draw a viewer in and make one want to run their finger across it. Pam has been a rock hunter since she was a child. This was a passion she and her husband shared and went on many rock collecting trips. Pam’s artistic Aha! moment came when she discovered how to incorporate semi-precious gems and minerals into her art designs. Pam is a naturalist and finds inspiration in all forms of nature. Much of her art is driven by love and a feeling of responsibility for our environment, loss of nature, and a reverence for all living things. Pam’s husband Dave was her greatest champion, engineering guru, photographer, and love of her life. In November 2021, he lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. Today Pam shares her home in the New River Valley with two Sheltie pups and three pampered cats.


"Nature is bursting with colors, textures, light, and life. I find joy in gardening, studying nature, and incorporating God’s beauty in my works. I’m inspired by beautiful skies, clouds, reflections on water, wind in trees, and the sound of birds singing. My joy comes from observing nature, often in unexpected places. In my paintings, I try to capture the magical feeling I have when I am experiencing a specific moment. For me, the gemstones become a part of the painting by reflecting the light, color, and texture in nature. My hope is to capture that magic for the viewer and inspire more reflection on the natural treasure found in our environment."

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