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Healing Stones
Underwater Magic-framed - Pamela Gibson Goff.jpg

Underwater Magic
By Pam Goff


acrylic on canvas with semi precious gemstones: quartz crystals, oco geodes, crazy lace jasper, garnets, lapis lazuli



By Pam Goff


reclaimed wood, gems and minerals-jasper, kyanite, sodalite, quartz druzy, quartz crystals, selenite, mica, geodesic fuchsite




Artist Statement

Nature is bursting with colors, textures, light, and life. My joy comes from observing nature, often in unexpected places. Many of my works have grown from a concern for the environment, loss of nature, and a reverence for our natural world. I have always had a passion for rock hunting and include stones in most of my works. Stones have history diversity, and longevity that reinforces nature. My hope is to inspire more reflection on the natural treasure found in our environment.

Headshot -sorter hair - Pamela Gibson Goff.jpg

About the Artist

Pam is a Virginia native and has enjoyed most of her life in the Southwest Virginia Mountains. She has been creating some kind of art all her life. After years as an educator at Virginia Tech and a Human Resources professional in the private sector, she is now pursuing what she loves. Pam is a Mixed Media artist in her company Sunny Sidekicks. She has found a way to marry her passion for rock and rock hunting by incorporating semi-precious gems into her paintings. Pam is a naturalist and finds inspiration in all forms of nature. She also has a quirky side. She has fun creating yard art by transforming vintage dishes into flowers, welding rusty tools into fun statues, and enjoys finding ways to upcycle found objects. Pam’s is married to husband Dave who is her greatest supporter, engineering guru, and love of her life. They share their home in the New River Valley with their two Shelties and three pampered cats.

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