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A Boy with His Stick by the Sea
By Linda Hinson




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Artist Statement

About the Artist

During the pandemic my daughter and son in law moved to Nova Scotia. They lived in a very small community, on an island, far removed from covid. Although I found peace knowing how safe she and my new grandson were, I mourned the loss of his first 6 months of life. Seeing his sweet face on my easel helped me to feel like I could in some way touch him.

After teaching art in Montgomery County Public Schools for 33 years, I am now retired and able to devote more time to my own work. For the past two years I have concentrated my efforts on charcoal portraits. My hope is that as soon as a viewer looks at the portrait, their eyes instantly settle on the subject. The pose, the clothing and most importantly, the face should tell a story.


The past two years I have centered my efforts around a series of drawings based on a medical mission to Zambia.  I saw absolute poverty, unthinkable wounds and diseases considered either treatable or eradicated in my own culture. However, I also witnessed endless compassion, pure altruism and most importantly, hope. It took several months to digest what I had seen and accomplished but I then began a series of drawings that helped me to both record and come to terms with what I had experienced and achieved. This journey helped me to realize that although I enjoyed doing commissioned drawings of others’ adored pets and family members, creating art based on my own experience was the true reward.


Once the pandemic took over our lives and I was unable to visit my new grandson, instead of being sad, I tried to celebrate his days in Nova Scotia and the simple wonders he was discovering. Again drawing on my own experiences and feelings, A Boy with his Stick by the Sea, helped me feel joy and pride instead of longing and sadness.