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By Judy Crowgey


water color




Artist Statement

Judy has been creating art her entire life.  She began to paint seriously since retirement and is enjoying exploring new techniques and mediums.    Because of her New England roots, she is drawn to harbor scenes, boats and architecture, but living in Southwestern VA has sparked her interest in mountains and landscapes. There are so many subjects to choose from and each painting is a chance to express a new viewpoint or try a new technique or style.    Judy paints primarily with acrylics and watercolors and draws with pen and ink.  She likes to use bright colors, especially shades of blue. Her interpretations can be found in an acrylic abstract, a watercolor lily pad or an old barn sketched in pen and ink.


As Judy continues to explore and create, he hopes that you will enjoyhjer work.


About the Artist

Judy grew up in New England and had the same art teacher for twelve years of public school in Massachusetts.  She majored in art as a college freshman but later changed to an English major but continued to minor in art.  She started painting seriously since retiring a few years ago.  Judy draws inspiration from her New England roots as well as the beautiful scenery of Southwestern Virginia.  Painting trips with other artists throughout the United States and abroad offer an unlimited supply of subject matter for new pieces of art.  She also enjoys expressing her creativity through colorful abstract paintings that define themselves.

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