Size 24”wide x 36” long


The Latin prefix INTER is a morpheme; it cannot be divided into smaller independent grammatical parts. It means “between”, “among”, and “together”.  Add additional letters before and/or after INTER and the meaning drastically changes. One letter can sometimes make all the difference in the world!

Mims Dee Ann INTERpolate FULL.jpg

Inter+Polate: King and Macaw
By Dee Ann Mims


Interpolate = insert something of a different nature into something else 


The source of this design is a stucco sculpture found in pieces in the ruin of a Maya temple.  Reconstructed by archeologists, the sculpture is now displayed in the museum at Palenque, Mexico.  Notice the King’s arm is extended. What did it hold? I imagined the king holding a Macaw and walking in the jungle.  In this way I interpolate / insert into / edit the original design.

Panella Anne INTERface Joker.jpg

Inter+Face: Joker
By Anne Panella


Interface = the place at which independent and often unrelated systems meet and act on or communicate with each other 


The Green Man is supposedly a remnant of folklore that was carved into many European Christian churches. This iconic artwork represents an interface in so many ways: between man and nature, religion and myth, magic and science, imagination and reality, past and future. In the ancient tradition of tree faces, this quilted version captures the playful spirit and appearance of a jester or harlequin that appears content in its colorful jungle home. 

Price Marietta INTERtangled FULL.jpg
Sevebeck Kathy INTERlocked FULL.jpg

Inter+Tangled: Winds Over Dover
By Marietta Price


Intertangled = a transitive verb meaning intertwined, entangled


Although wind itself is invisible, the effects of wind can be seen, felt, and experienced.  Winds traversing across the English Channel abruptly collide and rise up the Cliffs of Dover. This portrait captures the moment when the winds’ effect intertangled the subject’s hair and spirits. Consuming continuous contour style stitch-drawing defines movement through the whole cloth art quilt. Threads reflect sunlight and channeled winds action. Paint techniques on snow dyed cotton fabric maintain the soft hand of the fabric with textile medium. The concept to implement a representational stitch-form came from the artist’s personal sketch journal. 

Inter+Locked: Chains
By Kathy Sevebeck


Interlocked = to connect so that the motion of any part is constrained by another 


This interlocked chain is arranged so that one individual link is interconnected and locked together to one or more other links. Each link is multicolored and dependent on other multicolored links to form an independent arrangement. 

As is so true in nature and life, it is the individual pieces and their connection to other pieces that form an entirely different item.