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Painting Brushes
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New River Jam
By Hannah Howard


original water color



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Misty Morning Iceland
By Hannah Howard





By Hannah Howard


water color





Artist Statement

I feel the act of creativity itself is a spiritual act and connects me to my creator. Art for me is an attempt at capturing an element of divine beauty and relating it in a visual way in hopes that others may also enjoy my experience of God, even if in a fleeting or small way. I often want to depict a feeling of calm, fun, or soft feeling of love in my work. I am drawn to subjects that fill me with excitement or ease, a feeling of rest and contentment. This in particular was strong in my work during covid times where I strongly desired quiet soothing rest in a time of unknowns.

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About the Artist

Hannah Howard grew up in Blacksburg, Virginia and has a Bachelor of Science in Art Education from Radford University. Being homeschooled in her early years she quickly gained confidence in exploring the arts at home and has continued to explore. Her medium of preference in recent years has been watercolor but she has experimented in a variety such as cermaics, collage, quilting and embroidery. She enjoys combining the concepts of various mediums into her watercolor works and likes to focus on capturing some element of divine beauty from the world around her.

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