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Video Camera Lens

By Gordie Zeigler






Artist Statement

We are fortunate to call this area home and I love to capture its beauty as often as possible.

IMG_3683 - Gordie Zeigler.JPG

About the Artist

I am not much of a "New Year's Resolution" type of person - but I usually try to set a goal to make myself stretch to achieve something new every year. With the beginning of 2020, I had set a goal to witness 100 sunrises. My definition of "witnessing the sunrise" meant that I needed to 1) be off of my residential property at the time of the sunrise and 2) see some color. As the pandemic started having an impact on our daily lives, this became my way of starting each day with a calm purpose. I collected images of many wonderful sunrises, and others of the trails on the way to the sunrise. Two of my favorites were from McAfee Knob, and one from the shoulder of Mount Mitchell in NC. Along the way to see a sunrise in Tennessee, I found an eerily calm scene on the Appalachian Trail that just begged to be captured in Black & White.

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