Paint Brushes

Artist Statement

I never have been able to focus on just one medium. Starting with watercolor, I later explored acrylic (which I thought I hated) and recently tried gouache for the first time. I often do serious pencil or ink work and, since moving to Blacksburg, have grown to really enjoy plein air work with ink and watercolor, acrylic and now gouache. The doing of the work is my biggest pleasure. What happens after that is just extra and sometimes, aggravating!

06 2018  tmhw Gerri Young Teri H Hoover Photography©2018 - Gerri Young.jpg

About the Artist

With long-standing family connections to Blacksburg, Va., Gerri Young moved to the university town in 2010 after retiring from 43 years of federal service in Norfolk, Va., and Germany. She started seriously working on art in 2010, joined the Blacksburg Regional Art Assn., and served as president for six years. She has exhibited in many locations in the area, been accepted in a number of juried exhibitions and won a few awards. She keeps on working to become a better artist.