Touring Cuba 
By David Pearce




Artist Statement

David grew up in Newport News and graduated from Warwick High School in 1961.  Afterwards, he attended both Virginia Tech where he obtained a BS in Electrical Engineering and UVA where he took a Ph. D. in Biomedical Engineering.  After spending 29 years in Mississippi conducting medical research, writing computer programs, working as a consulting engineer, and working at a rehabilitation hospital, he and his wife, Linda, returned to Blacksburg for retirement.  Along the way, David has taken many photographs, turned many different items, and been privileged to travel to over 62 countries.


David has been photographing, working in wood, and sculpting for over 40 years.  He is an exhibiting member of the Blacksburg Regional Art Association and a member of the Blue Ridge Woodturners.  His work has been exhibited in numerous venues in the Roanoke-Blacksburg area.  He photographs many subjects, turns many different types of wood projects, sculpts in wood and ceramics, and paints.  His sculptural work, in wood, metal, and ceramics, focuses on the figure and abstract designs.  He is an accomplished photographer and many of his wood and clay projects are the result of his photographs.   


I enjoy capturing the beauty of nature no matter whether it is a large vista or the smallest flower.  There is beauty in nature and the world all around us.  Incorporating a beautiful image from nature into a work of art is both a challenge and an opportunity to share.  A special joy is the challenge of converting a photograph into a finely detailed visual presentation in wood, metal, clay, or paint.  Taking a piece of wood or lump of clay and working with it to create a memorable sculpture is a special joy.