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Casey Anne Brimmer

Casey Anne Brimmer (they/them pronouns) is a VT graduate student who uses art as a means of education, activism, and mental wellness. They hope to settle in the NRV and continue to create art that serves as a catalyst for thought around social justice issues particularly LGBTQ+, disability, mental wellness, and intersectional-queer-feminisms. For this particular artist call, Casey Anne has created work that focuses on memories and the building of personal identity/ies.


When asked what this piece is--I ask back--what do you think it is? Yes, I had a point when I began the work--it was the first thing to come to mind when I read the theme of "memories" and yet, how this work touches those who view it complexifies the meaning to me as an artist.

Glimpse of a Soul

There has always been a rainbow, a brightness, a light just beneath the surface of my mask. My favorite memories are of times when I felt safe enough to stop masking and let others see who I am.

picture for work - C Brimmer.jpg
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