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Carol Monti

Carol has been traditional quilting since 2011. She began trying different techniques to expand her abilities in 2015, but it wasn't until moving to Blacksburg, VA in 2018 that she discovered the world of art quilting and found an inspiring group of talented artists in the Textile Artists of Virginia (TAVA). Her work has been shown at the Virginia Quilting Museum, Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival and many local venues. She lives in Blacksburg with her husband and dogs where she pursues her passions of creating art quilts that reflect nature and animals and creating a native landscape for the birds, bees and bugs.

This piece provides a special memory of my dog, Jamers, who passed away this spring. We had many great adventures together and I can see a bit of his personality in the intense look he's giving the koi in the pond. It always makes me smile.

Carol Monti.jpg
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