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Wood Piles
DSC_0003 - Bob Rotche.jpeg

By Bob Rotche


Wood, Acrylic


20 x 8.5 in



Artist Statement

About the Artist

"Connections" explores the connectedness of nature and the inevitable impacts of humans' attempt to control and shape it to fit a preconceived notion of how it should fit our needs and desires rather than working with it in its natural state. The trees are all interconnected yet the connections and geometric symmetries are a reflection of man's attempt at control. This piece is carved in cherry and painted with acrylics.

Virginia based sculptor, Bob Rotche, has been working primarily in wood since he started experimenting with art in 2012. With his early work being lathe based, he has since branched out and is embracing a variety of techniques with a focus on curve and form, positive and negative space, color and texture. He is fascinated with man’s relationship with the natural world and how that can be examined sculpturally, often juxtaposing geometric and organic forms and surfaces. 

What started as a hobby has become a passion. Bob’s work has been featured in a number of juried exhibitions around the country as well as in several magazines.

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